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  • Jar or Bottle With A Wide Mouth.
  • Boiled Egg
  • Scissors
  • Paper
  • Matches/Lighter


1. Fold the paper and light it using the matches or lighter. (Get a grown up tp help you with this)
2. Quickly place your lit paper into the bottle and place your egg on the mouth of the bottle.
3. Watch what happens?

How to extract the egg from the bottle?

4. Tilt the bottle sideways to ensure that the egg is near the bottleneck. Then blow into the bottle to insert more air into the bottle.

And how does it work?
The little fire in the bottle heats the air and some escapes. When we pop the egg on top the fire goes out and the air inside the bottle cools and contracts. This makes a slight vacuum inside the bottle, which pulls on the egg from the inside. At the same time there is now a difference in air pressure between the inside and the outside of the bottle which causes the high air pressure to push on the egg from the outside and the egg moves into the bottle.

Ag teastáil


Do it at home

Do it at Home