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  • Card or paper
  • Ruler
  • Scissors
  • Coloring Pens
  • Circular item to draw around
  • Pencil/Skewer


1. Draw a circle on the card and cut it out.
2. Next divide the circle up into even sections, one for each color of the rainbow
3. Next cut the circle out.
4. Now color each section with each color of the rainbow.
5. Make a hole in the centre of the circle with the pencil and push it through to make something that looks a bit like a spinning top.
6. Now for the fun bit, you need to spin the pencil on its point, just as you would with a spinning top, so the card spins around really fast.
7. It might take a few goes to get it working but you will notice how the card looks white when it spins.

And how does it work?
As the color card spins fast enough our eyes cannot see each color separately and so we see all seven colors at the same time and they appear white – just like with sunlight!

What's needed:


Do it at home

Do it at Home