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Recycled Hovercraft


  • A balloon
  • An old CD
  • A bottle top from a plastic drinking bottle
  • Strong glue


1. Firstly you want to glue the bottle top to the CD, placing it over the hole at the centre… as you want to ensure this stays in place you need to use strong glue and it is probably best if you ask an adult to do this step for you.
2. Leave it a few hours to let the glue dry.
3. Once dry, place the balloon over the bottle lid and fill the balloon with air by blowing into the hole on the bottom of the CD.
4. Place the cd on a smooth surface and release your hovercraft.

And how does it work?
Once the bottle top is opened the air flows out of the balloon and forms a cushion of flowing air between the underside of the CD and the tabletop. This lifts the CD slightly and reduced friction, allowing it to hover across the surface.

What you need:


Do it at home

Do it at Home