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Saol Ella

Thursday @ 17:00

Saol Ella

Thursday @ 17:00

Saol Ella

Thursday @ 17:00

Saol Ella 1-6

Parental Rating: G

Ella is determined to get her first kiss with Josh. Will it be the happy ever after she hopes for? Dan is delighted with how he got on with the students. But will he change his tune when he hears Mamó's plans?

First Shown: 25 May

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In the Conamara Gaeltacht, 13 year old Ella and her best friends, Treas and Naoise, are excited for their summer holidays. However, things take a turn when her dad, Dan, announces he will be keeping Gaeilgeoirí. Is this the end to Ella’s exciting summer plans of ceol, craic and rock ‘n roll? Nosey neighbour Máirín is not happy when she hears about the new arrangement next door. Will she try to sabotage Dan? Dan makes a phonecall asking for help. An unexpected person arrives to save the day!